Agriculture Working Group for the Climate Action Team


The Agriculture Working Group for the Climate Action Team (Ag-CAT) coordinates efforts aimed at protecting and developing resources related to California's agricultural economy and ensures the state's ability to mitigate and adapt to climate change impacts on agriculture resources (land, livestock, water, food and fiber) while supporting implementation of greenhouse gas emission reduction programs.

Potential climate change impacts include changes in temperatures and precipitation, invasive plant and animal species, and increasing risk of wildfire.


Central Valley Dairy Digester and Co-digester Facilities Program
Multiple State agencies are working together to address regulatory, permitting, and financial barriers to a widespread voluntary adoption of anaerobic digesters on California dairies.

Alternative Energy Plan
The California Department of Food and Agriculture in conjunction with the State Board of Food and Agriculture is working to promote the adoption and installation of alternative energy throughout California's agricultural lands and to identify duplicity and impediments in the process.

Research on GHG Emissions from Nitrogen Fertilizer
To improve California's current GHG inventory, ARB, CEC, and CDFA are developing research to better understand nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from agricultural ecosystems under California specific conditions.


Jenny Lester Moffitt, Deputy Secretary, CDFA

John Blue, Manager of Climate Programs, Cal/EPA

Current Roster of Participating Agencies

  • Air Resources Board
  • California Energy Commission
  • Department of Food and Agriculture
  • Department of Pesticide Regulation
  • Department of Toxic Substances Control
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Water Resources
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Governor's Office of Planning and Research
  • Natural Resources Agency
  • State Water Resources Control Board

See additional information from the Department of Food and Agriculture.