Biodiversity Working Group for the Climate Action Team


The Biodiversity Working Group's task is focused on integration and implementation of adaptation strategies to protect and enhance California's diverse fish, wildlife, plant resources, and habitats in the face of climate change.

Potential climate change impacts to biodiversity include changes in the level of snow pack and the timing of their melt, local extinction of plant and animal populations, invasive species, changes in habitat, vegetation structure and plant and animal communities.


Establish a System of Sustainable Habitat Reserves
Activities include organizing collaborating entities, making best use of the CA Wildlife Action Plan, and using CDFW's Areas of Conservation Emphasis (ACE) mapping and modeling effort to help set Department priorities to protect the maximum number of representative plant and animal species in California.

Management of Watersheds, Habitat, and Vulnerable Species
Activities include integrating climate change into field management practices, using and improving existing conservation efforts, continuing field restoration and land stewardship practices, and work to restore aquatic habitat.

Education and Outreach
Activities include public outreach efforts and environmental education in the state's classrooms.

Enhance and Sustain Ecosystems
Near-term actions include providing the habitat range for tidal wetlands to adapt to sea-level rise at the SF Bay/Delta boundary, expanding Delta island subsidence reversal and land accretion projects, protecting enhancing and restoring upper watershed forests and meadow systems that act as natural water and snow storage and reestablishing natural hydrologic connectivity between rivers and their historic floodplains in flood management systems.


Prioritizing Research & Pursuing Partnerships

Activity & Product: Day long workshop: Bridging the Gap: Downscaling Climate Models to Inform Management Actions.

Education & Outreach

Product: "Confronting the Challenge-Climate Change and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife". This document is being used to communicate with and engage partners on climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts and illustrates the importance of biodiversity conservation in the implementation of climate change adaptation actions across sectors.

Current Roster of Participating Agencies

  • Department of Fish and Wildlife (lead)
  • Department of Public Health
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Water Resources
  • Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection
  • Energy Commission
  • State Coastal Conservancy
  • Department of Parks and Recreation

See additional information at the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the California Wildlife Action Plan Report.