Inter-Agency Forest Working Group
for the Climate Action Team


The Inter-Agency Forest Working Group (IFWG)'s task is to provide recommendations and coordinate efforts for all California forest and climate change related activities to protect the state's forests.

Potential climate change impacts to forestry include increased temperatures and wildfires, burn injuries, eye, nose, and respiratory irritation, exacerbation of asthma, carbon monoxide poisoning, displacement, exposure to particulate matter in smoke and toxic ash; alteration in the growth and geographic range of forest types; increases in the frequency of fire and insect outbreaks; and changes in the carbon storage function of forests, and forest degradation.


Forest Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Develop and fund activities to improve the technical foundation of the State greenhouse gas inventory for the forest sector.

Forest Sector Regulations and Programs Review
Determine the effect of the State's existing forest and rangeland regulations (i.e., Sustained Yield Plans, Non Timber Management Plans, wildlife, water quality, erosion protection, etc.) and related programs on meeting the state's GHG goals, whether simple adjustments are needed, or whether more significant action is needed.

Sustainable Biomass Energy
Identify or develop scientific, empirically-based sustainability provisions or guidelines for energy projects using forest woody biomass and forest sector greenhouse gas emissions reduction projects that can be used consistently by all state and federal agencies.


Meetings of the Interagency Forestry Working Group

IFWG Documents, Reports and Background Materials

February 2012 Update to the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection on Task 2: Review of Regulations

March 2012 Update to the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection on Task 1: Inventory

March 2012 Update to the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection on Task 3: Biomass


Current Roster of Participating Agencies

  • Air Resources Board
  • Board of Forestry and Fire Protection
  • Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Department of Forest and Fire Protection
  • Department of Water Resources
  • Energy Commission
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Natural Resources Agency
  • Sierra Nevada Conservancy
  • U.S. Forest Service

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