Public Health Working Group
for the Climate Action Team


The Public Health Working Group's task is to address cross-cutting issues related to climate change and health. The Working Group is responsible for providing public health input into the AB 32 implementation process, as well as other public health issues related to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Potential climate change impacts to public health include extreme weather events, a decline in air quality, increased production of pollens and allergic diseases, frequent wildfires and related injuries, heat stroke and heat-related illness, altered environmental conditions that foster the spread of communicable and vector-borne diseases, and decreased food supply, water quality, shelter, and mental health stress.


Be Prepared California

Improve Public Health Preparedness and Emergency Response

Research and Program Evaluation

CAT Public Health Workgroup Meetings and Presentations


Preparing California for Extreme Heat: Guidance and Recommendations.

Climate Action for Health: Integrating Public Health into Climate Action Planning.

Health Impact Assessment of a Cap-and-Trade Framework

Increasing Walking, Cycling, and Transit: Improving Californians' Health, Saving Costs, and Reducing Greenhouse Gases - Final Report to CDPH.


Dan Woo, MPH, MS (contact for questions about Public Health Working Group, meetings and materials)
California Department of Public Health
Climate Change and Health Equity Program
(510) 620-5934

Current Roster of Participating Agencies

  • Air Resources Board
  • Department of Conservation
  • Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Department of Food and Agriculture Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Department of Forestry & Fire Protection
  • Department of Public Health (lead)
  • Department of Water Resources
  • Energy Commission
  • Environmental Protection Agency Department of Pesticide Regulation
  • Natural Resources Agency
  • Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

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