Climate Action Team Reports

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Climate Change Unit
California Environmental Protection Agency
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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from State Operations

CAT Near-Term Implementation Plans

Each CAT working group will develop a Near-term Implementation Plan (CATNIPs) for the specific climate change mitigation measures and adaptation strategies being addressed by the working group. These will be the measures and strategies that will be underway or completed by the end of 2010. The CATNIP will include a brief description of the measures and strategies, the steps to be taken in implementation, the agency/department responsible, and the timeline for completion.

The list of all the measures and strategies that will be addressed in these Implementation Plans can be found at the link below. The competed CATNIP's will be posted as they become available.

Implementation Plans for Each Measure and Strategy

State Agency Greenhouse Gas Reduction Report Cards

Climate Action Team Reports Mandated by Executive Order S-3-05

2010 CAT Report

2009 CAT Report

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2008 and 2007 CAT Reports

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2006 Final Climate Action Team Report to the Governor and Legislature

Most reports are in PDF format. Please get free Adobe Reader if you do not already have it.

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